CIP Iran is accepting agencies 3/31/2013
CIP/VIP Services offers luxury services for the passengers who wish to experience more comfort at the arrival or departure with special protocol and escort services. Using CIP/VIP services you can save your time while relaxing in a luxury and comforting lounge.
You will be greeted at the gateway of the designated destination airport and we’ll escort you to the CIP complex lounge. All formalities including passport control and customs affairs will be handled in a personalized, private and efficient manner without the need to wait in long queues, your luggage(s) will be claimed on your behalf and will be delivered to you in the lounge. While at the lounge, guests are served different hot and cold soft drinks, a variety of sweets, cakes and sandwiches. Guests also have access to international newspapers and wireless internet. You also have the option to meet with your previously selected colleagues, relatives and friends in the lounge during your stay.
These services are currently available at Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad and Ahvaz airports for both international and domestic flights.